Traditional Yorkshire Cooking with Mrs Simkins

My last book ‘Traditional Yorkshire Cooking with Mrs Simkins’ was published by Dalesman Publishing in October 2018.

Full of updated traditional Yorkshire recipes and colour photos taken by yours truly it was originally planned as a paperback but came out as a hardback in the end.

I didn’t know this until I received my author’s copy through the post one late summer Saturday. What a lovely surprise! I was thrilled to bits – and still am! And it’s only £5.99. I don’t know how they do it.

From the Introduction

Here’s a collection of traditional Yorkshire recipes, stretching back down the generations, they’ve been given a bit of a makeover to suit modern tastes and kitchens.

The beautiful county of Yorkshire is like another country: geographically and economically huge with stunning scenery, bustling cities, a fine farming history and differing dialects, it’s the largest county in England. No wonder it has such a plentiful supply of regional recipes: more than anywhere else in Britain.

All the recipes in this book are made from simple, homely ingredients and many have quirky and unusual names: intriguing sorts of names to keep you guessing.

Yorkshire Pudding is Yorkshire’s most famous and well-loved dish: it’s mentioned in records from the 1700s and no doubt it was around long before that. Early prototypes were known as dripping puddings and were cooked underneath the roast, which was more often mutton than beef as Yorkshire is sheep country. Naturally, it’s been given a whole chapter to itself with recipes, hints and tips and even poetry!

Parkin is another well-known Yorkshire recipe; dating back to Celtic times along with its ancestors Harcakes and Tharf Cakes and more delicate cousin, Yorkshire Moggy. Cinder Toffee is very likely another Yorkshire original and few people know Bonfire Toffee, or Tom Trot as it’s known locally, hails from Swaledale.

Read on and find out about other regional delicacies such as Old Yorkshire Wives Sod, Now’t Cake, Tap-Room Loaf, Jordan Cake, Old Wives Cake, Caddiston Cake, Growlers, Scufflers and the like: the last two are more familiar than you think!

Mrs Simkins, June 2018

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