Mulled Apple Juice
Gorgeous Alchol-Free festive Tipple

This tastes just as festive as mulled wine and is entirely suitable for children.

Spice Notes

Always use whole spices for mulled drinks: ground spices make everything a bit murky and muddy and are hard to strain out. Also, don’t leave the spices in for too long before straining: they can become bitter.

Simple Apple and Cinnamon

Pour a carton of clear apple juice into a saucepan and add a couple of cinnamon sticks.

If you have time, leave it to infuse for half an hour or so.

Warm it gently and pour into mugs or heat proof glasses.

Obviously, you can increase the quantity as much as you like.

Super-Spicy Apple

If you would prefer something a bit spicier stick some cloves (6-10 depending on how clove-y you like it) into a lemon add a chunk of peeled and grated ginger root along with the cinnamon sticks. You can also add a few allspice (Jamaica pepper) berries.

Strain before serving in heat-proof glasses or mugs. Cheers!

Mulled Apple Juice is Not Just for Christmas!

This is also a lovely 'see you through the winter' type drink. Try sipping mulled apple juice during the day if you are feeling under the weather: it’s very comforting for a cough or sore throat and not as acidic as hot lemon drinks. Or if you are travelling in to work or going out for the day, take some with you in a flask. Lovely!