French Onion Cup a Soup

Handy but Homemade!

This has all the advantage of a commercial cup-a-soup: speed, lack of fuss, and economy but is really lovely and all the better for being home-made.

The only slight faff is preparing the onions but you can make yourself a cup of this to keep the cold out if you are softening onions anyway for another recipe.

Alternatively, this speedy version of the classic French soup is so good it’s worth cooking some specially!


For a really beefy version stir in between a quarter and a third of a beef gel stock pot instead of Marmite.

Per person

  • Stir 1 level teaspoon of Marmite into a mug of just boiled water
  • Add one heaped tablespoon of onions; sweated in butter and or oil until soft and melting
  • ¼ teaspoon of sugar (golden granulated is good)
  • Some coarsely ground black pepper to taste
  • A splash of cream sherry or similar (or brandy if you have some going spare)
  • A few thyme leaves to finish it off

Serve with a spoon and a slice of toasted baguette.

Stir everything together and it’s done.If it’s lunch time, serve with your soup toasted cheese, ideally made with toast cut from a baguette for authenticity.